You will notice the most number of people wearing transparent trays on their upper and lower teeth to correct their smiles. These trays are called clear aligners or invisible braces and are increasingly becoming popular. While there are many international and local brands of clear aligners available in India. currently, 32 Watts remains the best clear aligners provider in India! If you are conscious about your smile or are reluctant to wear the traditional metal or ceramic braces to get your teeth corrected, 32 Watts Aligners are the best option for you.

Best Clear Aligners Provider in India

The main reason clear aligners were introduced in dentistry was invisible braces cost in India that patients refused to wear. Their teeth and smile corrected with Conventional Metal and Ceramic Braces. They were ugly to look at and were difficult to maintain oral hygiene with.

“Who wants a metallic smile?! I’d rather keep my crooked teeth”, is what people would think. Thus came the clear aligners!

These aligners have taken the world by storm and millions of people have got treated with them so far. They are many better options as compared to braces and can correct a large number of tooth alignment problems such as:

      • Forwardly placed teeth
      • Backwardly placed teeth
      • Crowded teeth
      • Spacing between teeth
      • Rotated or crooked teeth


Best Clear Aligners Provider in India


The clear aligners are essentially a set of upper and lower trays that need to be worn in series. Each set has to be worn by the patient for a fixed number of hours and days to bring about the required movements.

Clear aligners have many advantages over the conventional system of braces. They are far more aesthetic than braces. Since clear aligners are essentially transparent trays that are worn on upper and lower teeth. They are rarely visible from even an arms distance when looking at somebody wearing it. Another advantage of clear aligners is the fact that they are smooth trays that are far more superior in comfort for the patient.

Clear aligners are removable trays that need to be removed by the patient while eating. This way there are no restrictions on the foods that the patient can eat. In braces, the patients are asked to stay away from hard and sticky foods during their braces treatment. Since these aligners are made up of biocompatible resin material, they are also safe for the patients.

India, with a large population, was a promising market for clear aligners companies. Many international brands entered this market to cater to the Indian population. However, their high costs and the delay in dispatching the trays to begin treatment put off patients and they began going back to braces or avoiding treatment completely.

However, this changed when two years back, 32 Watts clear aligners were set up in the heart of India’s capital New Delhi. Who understands the Indian people better than an Indian, right? Today, 32Watts aligners are the best transparent aligners provider in India and cater to all large Indian cities and tier 2 and 3 towns.

Best Invisible Braces provider in India

Best Clear Aligners Provider in Chandigarh Punjab

There are many clear aligner manufacturers in India today, no company has been able to penetrate the masses like 32 Watts clear aligners have. Prior to 32 Watts clear aligners, there were many international companies catering to the Indian masses. However, they had inherent problems:


  • Since their labs were abroad, they took months to deliver the first set of trays to the patient
  • This meant that the treatment of the patient would begin many months after he/she came to visit the clinic to get their teeth aligned
  • This delay in time also played negatively as the patients often lost patience
  • This loss of patience affected the compliance of the patients
  • The biggest deterrent, however, was the very high cost of these aligners making it a thing for the ‘elite’ class of people only

Best Clear Aligners Provider In Hyderabad Mumbai 

It is very easy to get your teeth aligned with these aligners. All you need to do is book your consultation appointment by filling out a short form and schedule your consultation with an orthodontist who is registered using 32 Watts clear aligners provider.

When you arrive for your consultation appointment, the orthodontist will first evaluate your teeth, jaw, and face structure and study them all in sync with each other. Once the consultation is complete, the orthodontist will Schedule a 3D Scanning of your teeth which is done using an advanced digital 3D intraoral Scanner.

Best Clear Aligners Provider in Delhi

This scan data is then sent to the 32 Watts treatment planning team. A team of orthodontists will make a customized treatment plan for you using high-tech software. The final treatment plan is uploaded on the website to be shared with your treating orthodontist. Your treating orthodontist will show you the treatment plan so that you can visualize as to how your teeth will look after the treatment is complete. Once you and your orthodontist give a go-ahead the same is communicated to the company and your custom fit 32 Watts Clear Aligners are manufactured in a state of the art facility.

Best Clear Aligners Provider in Delhi Noida

Best clear aligners company in India use BPA free transparent plastic sheets that are imported from Germany to fabricate these trays. Since this plastic is BPA free, it is safe for use in the mouth. We use the top of the notch 3D printing devices to fabricate the most accurate aligners based on the 3D scans taken during your appointment. 32 Watts clear aligners are 3D printed aligners that have no glitches or faults when they are delivered to you.

Best Clear Braces Provider in India

Our team as well as your orthodontist will constantly monitor the progress of your treatment and periodically review it. With so much accuracy, precision and support provided by 32 Watts Clear braces aligners. It goes without saying that you will be able to get your dream smile in the predicted time.

Best Clear Aligners Provider in Bangalore India

One of the biggest deterrents for patients to undergo treatments to correct their teeth alignment is the cost and affordability of these treatments. Until 32 Watts came in, the clear aligners available in Bangalore India were very expensive and not many people were able to afford them. However, 32 Watts clear aligners are extremely affordable and yet they provide superior quality treatment compared to other brands. They are the cheapest invisible braces in India.

The main reason for their affordability is the fact that they have their highly advanced lab in India thereby reducing their cost to prepare these aligners. Since the trays are manufactured in India, the overhead costs of transport, packaging and other logistics are also eliminated. If you are looking for the most affordable and the best transparent braces, look no further and contact 32 Watts clear aligners today!

Best Clear Aligners Provider in Kochi Pune

32Watts Clear Aligners are the best clear aligners in Kerala, Pune for many reasons. Two of which are affordability and the ability to deliver the starter-kit within 4-5 days anywhere across the country. Yes, clear aligners company has to date treated patients from different parts of the country and even many foreign patients. Clear Aligners transport to all the major cities in the country today including Mumbai, Bangalore, Pune, Hyderabad, Chennai, Kolkata, Cochin, Chandigarh, Ahmedabad, Kerala, Noida and many tiers 2 and tier 3 cities and towns. Many patients from cities like Surat, Vadodara, Patna, Nagpur, Bhopal, Bhubaneswar, Mangalore, Nashik, Gurgaon, Amritsar, etc., use 32 Watts clear aligners to get their teeth straightened.

The availability of 32Watts clear aligners in all nooks and corners of the country makes it a popular choice among the people to get their teeth straightened. The rising popularity and satisfaction among people of India for getting treated with 32 Watts clear aligners make it the best Clear Aligners in India today.

If you are still not convinced, here are the top reasons why 32Watts clear aligners are the best invisible braces in India:

  • An experienced team of in-house orthodontists to provide you with the best treatment plans and all year round support
  • The clear aligners can correct most of the malocclusions
  • Other Company are based in India and so are able to deliver your first set of trays or the starter-kit within 4-5 days
  • They provide a 3D scanning facility for your teeth.
  • They use the most advanced German machines and technologies to provide accuracy.
  • Others use top-class European materials to ensure your treatment is safe, comfortable and successful.
  • Affordable clear aligners as they are manufactured right here in India

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