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You are blessed if you have perfectly aligned teeth and a beautiful smile. Well, do not fret if you don’t as dentistry has a solution for you– the humble braces! But a large number of people refuse to have a metallic or ceramic smile just to have their teeth straightened. For all those of you who want to have your dream smile without any metal or ceramic bits in your mouth, we at 32Watts, have got you the most comfortable invisible braces.

Invisible braces, as their name goes, are invisible when worn. No one can tell that you are wearing braces even from close distances. These are transparent upper and lower trays that apply force on your teeth to move them into alignment. These transparent trays are made from biocompatible, medical-grade resin-based material, making them extremely comfortable as compared to traditional metal and ceramic braces.

Expert Orthodontists Care

Why Choose Expert Orthodontists Invisible Braces?

We understand when you say, “Who wants an inconvenient metallic smile?” as we believe the journey to get that perfect smile should be pleasant and comfortable too.


But, if you are still wondering why you should be opting for best invisible braces, here are top reasons to do so!

  • Clear and invisible

The biggest advantage of invisible braces is that they are clear, transparent, and almost invisible to the naked eye, even at close distances. When compared to traditional metal and ceramic braces that make one uncomfortable and conscious, invisible braces are very aesthetic and comfortable to wear.

  • Removable in nature

A favourite with all patients, invisible braces is removable, contrary to traditional braces that are fixed on your teeth and can be removed only by your orthodontist. With invisible braces, you can remove the upper and lower trays and wear them back very easily.

32Watts Orthodontists Care

  • Easier to maintain oral hygiene

One major disadvantage with traditional braces is maintaining good oral hygiene because the braces are fixed on the teeth. You need to brush gently, use a proxa brush to clean the areas between the wire, teeth and brackets. Flossing is also difficult for them.

However, with invisible braces, their removable nature makes it easy for you to maintain oral hygiene. All you need to do is remove your upper and lower trays while brushing and flossing. This prevents stains, discolouration of teeth, and formation of cavities, all of which are common with traditional braces.

  • Prevent tooth grinding

During your braces treatment, your teeth are constantly being moved into alignment and can result in an unbalanced bite at different times. This can result in tooth grinding in some individuals. With invisible braces, this can be prevented as the plastic trays cover the grinding surface of your teeth and protect them from grinding against each other.

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  • Do not irritate the soft tissues in the mouth

A major disadvantage of traditional metal and ceramic braces is that they are bulky and sharp and tend to irritate the inner surface of your lips, cheeks, and tongue. In some individuals, this can result in oral ulcers and temporary speech problems.

However, with invisible braces, the plastic trays are smooth and do not irritate the tissues in your mouth, making it absolutely comfortable to wear them throughout your treatment.

  • Fewer dental appointments

When it comes to braces treatment, you are required to visit your orthodontist at least once a month. But with invisible braces, you need to visit your orthodontist once in every 4-6 weeks, which means lesser dental appointments and shorter duration appointments. Amazing, isn’t it?

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  • Ability to visualise the final result before beginning treatment

Whenever you visit your dentist for any treatment, especially aesthetic treatments like getting a crown, teeth whitening, or braces, one lingering question most people have is “How is this going to look finally?”.

With traditional braces, your orthodontist will explain to you how your teeth will get aligned but with invisible braces, your final teeth alignment will be shown to you visually using a software. This can be very useful in discussing your treatment with your dentist and setting realistic expectations of your treatment and the final result.

The 32 Watts Advantage: Expert Orthodontists Care

An important aspect of your invisible braces treatment is the brand of braces you choose. 32Watts is the country’s leading brand of invisible braces and one of the major reasons for the same is the expert orthodontists that we have tied up with. These orthodontists form the backbone of all treatments –right from case selection, customised treatment planning, designing of trays and constant treatment progress monitoring, we have got you only the best.

32Watts Expert Orthodontists Care

Apart from the expert care, here are 9 reasons why 32Watts invisible braces are the best choice for your treatment:

  • Dedicated customer relationship manager who helps you at every step of treatment
  • Effective manufacturing and quality control
  • Hassle-free consultation and treatment process
  • No hidden costs
  • Flexibility in tray delivery
  • Replacement of damaged or lost trays(up to a certain number per case)
  • Convenient online management of the case
  • Mid-course review of treatment
  • End-treatment visualised before the beginning of treatment



32Watts Expert Orthodontists Care invisible braces is the most popular invisible braces brand in India today, with hundreds of successful cases performed in various major cities, tier 2 and tier 3 towns. Embark on your beautiful smile journey with invisible braces and enjoy the 32Watts advantage. So, what are you waiting for? Enquire with us right away!


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