What type of braces work the fastest In India | You may have often heard from your friends or family members about how long it takes to get your teeth straightened. Some say “My treatment took 2 yrs”, while the others might say “My treatment took a little over a year.” But, there is a large another group that is almost at the brink of frustration because “My braces are slow” or “My treatment seems unending.”

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For those individuals who are contemplating teeth alignment using orthodontic treatment, such replies are definitely not motivating now, are they? Would you like to be stuck with those metal pieces for eternity? Of course not! So, a lot of them must have ended up making a google search about what type of braces works the fastest’ or ‘Fastest braces on the planet’ etc. For all those out there, we have decided to answer your query!


There are different types of braces available today – conventional braces such as metal braces, ceramic braces, and new-age self-ligating braces. These braces take their usual time based on the complexity of the patient’s case, compliance on the part of the patient, and the quality or brand of the braces chosen. But, with increasing demand from the patients for ‘faster braces,’ there have been quite a few advances in this sector of dentistry.


Types of Fast Braces Work Fast

Modern Metallic Braces

Modern metallic braces are just like traditional metal braces, but with smaller brackets, a wire that is placed in the slots and these brackets are stuck on the front-side of the patient’s teeth with a dental adhesive. “What is the difference?” you may ask. Well, the difference between these modern metallic braces and the traditional ones is that they have been designed to apply more pressure on the teeth to bring about faster or quicker movement. Also, this system facilitates the attachment of elastics that further enhance the process. The orthodontist places two hooks – one on each jaw and these act as anchors for the elastics.

Compared to the older braces, these braces are work faster, and you will notice changes and results in your teeth alignment within months. Most patients who opt for these braces do so because of its accelerated results. However, these braces are priced slightly higher than the regular traditional braces.

Modern mettallic braces types


Accelerated Orthodontics | Type of Braces Work Fastest

This is probably the latest in the field of orthodontic treatment and does ask your orthodontist when you visit him/her for dental advice about if this treatment will work for you. This domain of orthodontics is used along with the existing types of treatments to accelerate the treatment process. These systems are designed for those adults who desire to get their teeth straightened in the shortest possible time. There are many systems used under accelerated orthodontics:

  • Propel Alveocentesis
  • AcceleDent Method
  • Micro-osteoperforation


In these techniques, the orthodontist uses certain substances such as cytokines to stimulate the bone to remodel quickly and enable the teeth to move at a faster pace into the designated position in the arch. However, considering the technique involved in this treatment type, they are often very expensive as compared to other types of orthodontic treatment options.


Clear Invisible Braces – Fastest Type of Braces Only 

Everyone’s favourite – clear braces or clear aligners are comfortable, transparent trays that are worn and snuggly fit over the upper and lower teeth to apply pressure on them to move them into the required positions. These aligners are quick in action and deliver results faster than other types of treatment options. They have many things that go in favour of them – customized trays, so they work more accurately, comfortable for the patient so increased compliance. They are removable so better diet and healthy oral hygiene, making the movement of teeth faster.

Fast-Braces Type Invisible Aligners

Clear aligners that are used for mild malocclusions can successfully treat them in 3-4 months whereas, slightly more moderate cases can take about 12-18 months to complete. The best part? Well, with so many good quality aligner brands such as 32 Watts Clear Aligners available in the market, clear aligners are affordable and accessible. This makes them the ‘favourite’ choice in the ‘fast braces’ category.



Who Can Get Fast Braces?

After learning about “What type of braces work the fastest,” it brings us to the next question – who can get these fast braces? Since these techniques discussed above involve applying slightly higher forces and using substances to activate the bone and cause quicker remodelling. (as in the case of accelerated orthodontics)

They are meant for adults who have all their permanent teeth erupted in the mouth and have healthy oral health, including healthy bone around their teeth. Compared to accelerated orthodontics and modern metallic braces, clear braces are the better option in terms of comfort, health, convenience, and affordability.


What should you consider before opting for fast braces?

Everyone would love to get their teeth straightened at the earliest and flaunt that flawless, attractive smile. However, there are many things you must consider before choosing or opting to go for these fast braces. Here’s a quick checklist of things you must consider:

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  • Why do you want to get fast braces?
  • Are they affordable?
  • Is your oral health good enough for modernized metallic braces or accelerated orthodontics?
  • How complicated is your malocclusion?

What Type of Braces Work The Fastest

While you contemplate these questions. Do remember to discuss the same with your orthodontist, who will help you decide and pick the best type of fast braces.

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Do you now know what type of braces work the fastest in India? Would you like to know more about clear braces? Contact us today!



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