The tongue is an integral part of the oral cavity along with the teeth, gums and other structures. It helps us speak and taste. Though quite underestimated, the healthy tongue is actually the window to one’s health. So, It is said to be the strongest muscle in our body and keeping it clean and healthy is essential.

How can you keep your tongue healthy?

flexible tongue

Your tongue is a muscle just like your other muscles

• Cleaning your tongue regularly is important. This helps remove any bacteria that live on the surface of your tongue. Use the back of a toothbrush which is usually designed to clean the tongue to keep your tongue clean.

• Tongue cleaners are available which are special tools use to clean the tongue. Moderate pressure is applied downwards on the tongue that helps remove any plaque build-up on the tongue. In addition, A whitish appearance of the tongue indicates plaque and bacteria present in the grooves of the tongue.

your toothbrush along with some toothpaste

your toothbrush along with some toothpaste

•Use your toothbrush along with some toothpaste is also another way to clean the surface of your tongue.

• Rinsing your mouth either with a non-alcoholic mouth wash or warm saline water also helps cleanse the upper surface of the tongue and keep it clean and healthy.

• Apart from keeping your tongue clean, keeping it healthy is equally important. Consuming vitamin-rich foods, especially vitamin B, keeps the tongue healthy and fortified.


Did you know that dehydration can cause problems for your tongue’s health?

• Water, water- Yes! Keep yourself rehydrated! Secondly, Consuming adequate amounts of fluids helps keep your tongue and its taste buds in good shape. A dry mouth automatically leads to a dry tongue and leads to higher chances of damage to it.

A tongue is an important part of the mouth. Keep it healthy, keep it clean!


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