Aligners are the best replacement for metallic wired braces as it uses the latest technology to straighten your teeth. No matter which kind of correction your teeth require to make them perfect, aligners can be worn by anyone. Aligners are a pair of clear plastic trays made up of polyurethane which fit your teeth without any pain and irritation except for the initial days when you start using them. Use of aligners is becoming more and more popular day by day, especially in teens and adults as they are virtually invisible. Therefore, it is very important to have proper knowledge of ‘ How to Wear Aligners ? . So, here we are sharing some basic techniques and procedures which could help you in wearing aligners.

How to Wear Aligners ?

Read the below instructions carefully:

  • Your teeth and aligners should be cleaned before inserting them into your mouth.
  • Make sure your hands are also clean before touching the aligners.
  • Aligners are worn for 20-22 hours a day.
  • One pair of aligners must be worn for 2 weeks only and then use the next pair of aligners in the right order.
  • Identification of the Aligner: The aligners can be identified by the markings present on it. Eg: U1 and L1 in which U indicates the upper teeth and L indicates lower teeth. 1 indicates the 1st set of aligner amongst the lot.

How to Wear Clear Aligners ?

  • Now, as aligners come in a pair you have to wear them one by one. You may put any of aligner first followed by the other tray of the aligner.
  • Gently insert the aligners one at a time and push the tray softly onto your teeth.
  • If the aligner is not seated completely then use the provided chewie from the starter kit to snap fit them in place.
  • Place the chewie between the teeth in the area where aligner is not seated completely and bite softly onto, so that the aligner gets seated.
  • You will hear a snap sound indicating the aligner is seated completely.
  • In case attachments have been placed on the tooth, the aligners should be carefully placed. Seat the aligner on the front teeth first and then gradually seat it on the back teeth.
  • Remove your aligners when you are eating, drinking (hot beverages), smoking etc. with the help of the outie, which comes with the starter kit.
  • Don’t touch or pinch the aligners too much if they are not fitting properly. Talk to your dentist/orthodontist.
  • Store the aligners in the carry case only if you are not wearing them. Always carry the case when you are going out for dinner, party or an outdoor activity. Mostly aligner users damage their aligners by keeping them in a bag or anywhere else casually.
  • Keep the aligners away from pets and kids.

Other Useful Tips:

  • To reduce the chances of aligner damage, avoid unnecessary removal and insertion.
  • Be careful while removing the aligners when you have multiple attachments.
  • Do not pull the aligner suddenly or use sharp objects for the removal.
  • In case you are facing difficulty in inserting and removing the aligners consult your dentist/orthodontist.

Do you want to delay your treatment? Obviously not, therefore, you should take care of your aligners and wear them as per instructions. Orthodontists have seen many patients coming back to them to get the same pair again, this happens because aligner users don’t pay much attention to their behavior towards the aligners.

Most of you will be new to aligners which means you could face some discomfort initially. So here we share How to Wear Aligners article which will be very helpful. But after some time once you will get used to wearing and handling your aligners you will not face any problem. Taking care your of aligners will not only increase its lifespan, in fact, they will work better and give you a better result.

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