Unless you tell them, nobody would know”, is what we believe at 32Watts! If you have decided on getting your teeth aligned with clear Aligners or invisible braces, kudos to you! You have chosen the most advanced, non-intrusive teeth alignment treatment system that will help you get your dream smile. Compared to traditional braces, clear aligners have many advantages, the most striking one being that they are invisible when worn, even from close distances.

They are essentially transparent medical grade plastic trays that are custom-made for each patient using special software and a precision manufacturing process.

What Is The Process Of Getting 32Watts Aligner Treatment?

After your initial consultation with your treating orthodontist for your mal-aligned teeth, you will be given a choice of braces. If you do not wish to flaunt a metallic or ceramic smile for the duration of your treatment, you can opt for clear aligners.

  1. After a thorough evaluation of your teeth, jaw, facial profile and structure, your treating orthodontist will perform a full-mouth 3D scan or make impressions. This is done using an advanced oral scanner or a putty material respectively.
  2. The measurement and images collected are now sent to the 32Watts treatment planning team consisting of in-house orthodontists.
  3. A comprehensive treatment plan is now created for you using the software. The final treatment plan is now shared with your treating orthodontist.
  4. Your treating orthodontist will discuss the treatment plan with you, explaining how the teeth are expected to move and how the final result will look.
  5. Once you and your treating orthodontist have approved the plan, the same is communicated with the 32Watts treatment planning team.
  6. This is then communicated with the lab, which begins fabricating your customised set of clear aligners.
  7. At 32Watts, we value accuracy, perfection and comfort when it comes to aligner trays of our patients.
  8. Once your trays are ready, they are immediately shipped to your treating orthodontist. The time from your impression till you receive your first set of trays is just 5-6 days!

Reasons Why Choosing 32Watts Clear Aligners

Reasons to Choose 32Watts Clear Aligners

There are plenty of clear aligner brands available across the world, and in India too. However, 32Watts clear aligners are a market leader, and humbly Indian. There are many issues that crop up when you decide to opt for an international clear aligner brand. Two of the main ones include:

  • High costs

Since a brand is international, they have their state-of-the-art labs in other countries. The process of sending your scans to the lab, and the cost of importing your aligner trays add significantly to your overall treatment cost.

  • Increased duration to procure trays

Another major disadvantage of opting for a non-Indian brand of aligners is the delay in beginning your treatment. Even though your orthodontist sends all your records in time, it takes a couple of weeks to a few months for your first set of trays to arrive and reach you. This adds a good 2-3 months to your discussed treatment plan and acts as a demotivator for many patients.

However, with 32Watts clear aligners, these problems are eliminated as the company is based right here in New Delhi, India.

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Top 8 reasons why should pick 32Watts clear aligners for your treatment:

  1. We use the best-in-class 3D scanning machines to record and fabricate your aligner trays with perfection.
  1. A dedicated team of in-house orthodontists design a customized treatment plan for each patient and monitor their progress throughout the course of treatment.
  1. We use BPA-free plastic for the fabrication of all our aligner trays, making it completely safe.
  1. We fabricate our trays in a state-of-the-art German facility to make sure all our trays are accurate fit, comfortable, and glitch-free.
  1. We are committed to providing you with your aligner trays within the stipulated time. Since we are based right here in India, you will receive your first set of trays within 5-6 days of your oral scan or impression day.
  1. We understand you more than anyone else. Being Indian at heart, we know how to treat Indian dentition more than any other brand. With hundreds of successfully treated cases in India and South East Asia, we have a flawless record of delivering perfect smiles.
  1. With no extra costs added due to importing your trays from abroad, the cost of 32Watts clear aligners is affordable. We pride ourselves in the fact that there are no extra or hidden costs.
  1. Broken or lost trays? We’ve got you covered. With our lab in Delhi, we will be able to ship your missing tray or set of trays quickly to avoid any gap in your treatment.


Choosing 32Watts Clear Aligners


32Watts clear aligners is a market leader in delivering perfect smiles, in the most comfortable and aesthetic way possible. With the best quality materials and manufacturing process, we promise you will have a pleasant journey of getting your teeth aligned with 32Watts clear aligners. Have you booked your orthodontic consultation yet? Do so right away with 32Watts clear aligners.

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