Today, everyone is obsessed with getting that perfect picture for their social media posts. Be it Instagram, Facebook or Twitter, everyone wants that flawless look – the perfect hair, the perfect pose and of course, the perfect celebrity-like smile! Everyone wants to look their best, isn’t it?

There are a large number of people who idolize their favourite celebrities – to get a body like John Abraham the perfect curves like Jennifer Lopez or Deepika Padukone, that flawless skin like Katrina Kaif or dimples like Shahrukh Khan.

Another thing that most people desire, after glancing through beautiful images of celebrities on magazine covers, newspapers or TV commercials is a – celebrity-like smile.

Some occasions like the wedding of Prince William to Kate Middleton highlighted the ‘requirement’ of a perfect smile for Kate before the wedding. It was all over the news about how Kate was undergoing aligner treatment to get her teeth perfectly aligned. No wonder she flaunts those dazzling pearly whites always!

Many people want to flaunt a beautiful, attractive smile just like their favourite celebrities but often wonder “How can I get a beautiful smile?” or “How to have a perfect smile?” It is not a tough task to get a beautiful smile with perfectly aligned teeth.

Yes, getting that ‘celebrity-like smile’ is now possible and achievable, thanks to the advanced dental treatments that help in teeth alignment and make them dazzle. Wondering “How?” Well, here are the many options you have!


How Can You Get a Celebrity-Like Smile?

Do you spend a few minutes of your day or more glancing through beautiful smile images on your phone or in magazines? Teeth form a very crucial part of our personality as well as appearance. A missing tooth, yellowish or stained teeth, teeth with calculus or cavities are all very evident the moment a person opens their mouth to speak, smile or laugh.

Celebrities across the world are extremely conscious about their smile and how they portray themselves to the external world. Can you think of any celebrity with a good smile? All of them, right? But how about name a few celebrities with bad teeth? I’m sure a few names cropped up in your head, didn’t they?

Smile Like Celebrity Is Not A Secret Anymore

This shows how evident the bad teeth of celebrities are for us to remember them. Talking of celebrities with good teeth, if you ever get your hands on older or younger images of these celebrities, you will realize that a majority of them did not have that ‘perfect smile’ they are flaunting today.

Then how do they, suddenly, have a beautiful smile with perfect teeth? Well, dental wonders? Not really!  This is possible due to the various dental treatments possible today and available to everyone, including you and me!


Dental Braces

These are, by far, the most regularly used options to align your teeth. Many different types of braces are available today – right from conventional metallic ones to less conspicuous, self-ligating ceramic braces, that one can choose from. Braces move your teeth and align them to give you that perfect smile.

Among the different types of braces, the metallic ones are more conspicuous whereas the ceramic ones are less conspicuous. Though braces give you a beautiful smile in the most natural way possible, they can take anything between 6 months to 2 years to give you results. Apart from being visible, metallic or ceramic braces are painful too. They frequently cause ulcerations on the gums, tongue and inner cheek of the patients.



Veneers are a thin shell of porcelain that is stuck on your teeth to enhance the shape, shade and alignment of your teeth. They help treat many aesthetic problems in your teeth such as gaps, rotations, lengthen short teeth, straighten malaligned teeth and even lighten and brighten the shade of your teeth! This is one of the most commonly used treatment options that celebrities choose to get the most beautiful smile in the shortest possible time!

However, many patients have in mind that veneer treatments are “Why should I go for veneers when I can get braces?” The reason is that veneers can give you the most beautiful smile in a shorter time compared to braces, which can take months or years.

However, veneers involve some amount of tooth shaping and grinding, which means the removal of natural tooth structure to stick something artificial in place of it for aesthetic reasons. While there is absolutely nothing wrong with this procedure, many people vary by disturbing their tooth’s natural substance and structure.


According to many experienced celebrity dentists, Veneer treatment is one of the most sought-after treatments with their celebrity and famous clientele as it can transform one’s smile within days. You can see pictures of celebrity teeth before and after and you will appreciate what veneers can do in a matter of just a few days. However, one needs to exercise caution before going in for veneer treatment.

A veneer smile is completely man-made and there have been many cases where this treatment went ‘bad’ due to a very bright shade of teeth, poor shape of teeth, poor alignment and many other reasons. So, you should visit a reputed, well-experienced cosmetic dentist to get your celebrity-like smile with veneers.

Very good quality veneers last only 8 to 10 years after which you have to get them replaced. They are delicate and can break or crack when handled roughly or used to bite very hard foods. If you choose not to replace your veneers after they have worn out, you may experience sensitivity in your teeth because of the grinding of the enamel.


Crowns and Bridges

While veneers can treat a large number of minor alignment problems, some instances where people are missing more than one tooth, or have bite problems, need something more. In such cases, your dentist will help you get that beautiful smile using a combination of crowns and bridges.

Crowns are essentially porcelain or ceramic tooth-shell that are placed on the teeth to support them as well as change their aesthetics. In case a person is missing a tooth, the gap shows as a black space or negative space in the mouth, affecting one’s smile. Two common ways to replace a missing tooth today are using a bridge or an implant.

A bridge replaces a missing tooth by taking support from the adjacent teeth whereas, an implant is a tooth replacement that is screwed into the jaw bone and a crown placed on top of the screw to mimic a tooth.

Both a bridge and an implant help in beautifying your smile by replacing the missing tooth not just in function but also in aesthetics. While implants are best for those with few missing teeth, good oral hygiene and great overall health, a bridge is given in most other cases where implants cannot be given. Most smile makeovers involve many crowns, bridges, and veneers to give the patient a beautiful, celebrity-like smile!


Invisible Braces or Clear Aligners

Another popular option for people who want perfect teeth are aligners. Aligners also called clear invisible aligners or invisible braces, are a type of braces that are available as medical grade plastic, transparent trays that need to be worn on your upper and lower teeth. When these trays are worn, they apply a subtle yet constant force on your teeth to move them into proper alignment.

Celebrity Like Smile Is Not A Secret Anymore

Each patient gets a set of aligner trays that need to be worn for a specific number of hours each day and for a period of about 2-3 weeks before moving on to the next set. Many celebrities underwent aligner treatment to get their teeth aligned. The biggest advantage of aligners is the fact that they are invisible even at close distances, therefore people are more comfortable wearing them.

They are more comfortable, impose no food restrictions as observed in braces, and bring about teeth alignment in the most natural way. Getting aligners is very easy. You can visit any dentist who practices clear aligner treatment and get your consultation. Brands like 32 Watts which are one of the best clear aligner brands in India that are present right here in the country, it is not just convenient, but also extremely affordable to get your teeth aligned with aligners.


Teeth Whitening

Getting perfectly aligned teeth is not the only thing that makes a perfect smile. The most beautiful smiles in the world are bright and sparkly white too! So, how can one get whiter and brighter teeth? With teeth whitening of course! Teeth whitening is a common dental procedure that is performed by the dentist who uses tooth bleach on the teeth to make them whiter and brighter than their original shade.

Many of our teeth get stained due to the foods we eat, liquids we drink and habits that we may have. But this staining steals the brightness from the teeth making them look dull.

Celebrity Like Smile

However, teeth whitening done by your dentist can help restore the brightness and original shade of your teeth, and also help your teeth become a shade or two brighter. There are many home teeth whitening kits that are available that can help you always maintain your pearly whites as white as possible but the best teeth whitening procedure is best performed by your dentist.

So, are you ready to get the most beautiful smile in the world? Contact your dentist today! Looking to get your teeth aligned? Contact us to get your clear aligners!





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