The patients who want to straighten their teeth are now shifting from metal braces to aligner treatment. That is why most people are comparing the differences between Aligners and Braces. Both treatments are done to correct crowding, protrusions, irregular spacing, alignment issues and/or crookedness. When it comes to your smile, everyone wants a celebrity like a perfect smile. Orthodontists prefer aligner treatment over braces as it has many benefits and treatment goes smoothly and perfectly. Aligner treatment is slightly expensive as compared to braces but we think it should not bother you much, as orthodontic treatment is once in a lifetime process.

Aligners vs. Braces

Most people are not aware of aligners, which are the best alternative to age-old braces. In braces- you are required to wear a metallic wire with tiny rubber bands over your teeth which looks so weird and the treatment continues for a long duration. Whereas, aligners are trays made up of smooth medical-grade plastic customized according to a patient’s treatment needs. Aligners’ treatment is safer than braces. Aligners are almost invisible. There are many other benefits of aligner treatment that are discussed further. Right from using and cleaning to treatment duration, you will find aligners always a better option than braces.

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Most Common Problems that Occur in Braces

Braces are the old traditional method used to straighten teeth that are non-removable in nature. If we talk about braces they are made up of small metal or ceramic brackets and a metal wire passes through those brackets. Braces are clearly visible when you smile or speak. You have to be very choosy and careful about your eating habits as food may get stuck in your braces and will look weird.

Now let’s discuss the differences between Aligners and Braces in detail:

1. Aligners are very convenient and hassle-free

Aligners are comparatively more convenient than braces for the doctor and the patient both. As Aligners are a set of upper and lower clear plastic trays, you just have to insert them according to the instructions given by your dentist. Aligners are smooth in the finish which means there is little or no chance of tissue laceration, which is a common problem faced by braces users. 32 Watts Clear aligners are very easy to insert, remove, clean and maintain whereas in braces it is difficult to keep them clean.

2. Aligners require fewer Doctor Visits

There will be no need to book extra appointments with your dentist. You just have to visit your dentist once in 2 months for review. If you follow the ‘Do’s and Don’ts of Aligners’ your treatment will be complete in the time predicted by your doctor. Whereas in braces a small issue in brackets or wire will require you to visit your dentist’s clinic. You can shift to a new set of aligners even without visiting your dentist.

3. Aligners Require Less Maintenance than Braces

As regards oral hygiene it is very important for us to maintain good oral hygiene. In braces, it is difficult to maintain oral hygiene as food gets stuck in brackets whereas in aligners you just have to wash them 3-4 times a day. Cleaning aligners is easier than braces. You can clean them with the kit provided in the starter box. In case you don’t have the kit, simply clean it with any anti-bacterial soap or toothpaste with a soft-bristle toothbrush.
Clear Aligners Vs Braces

4. Aligners are More Comfortable than Braces

People look for comfort, if the treatment makes you feel comfortable it will end smoothly and faster. In braces, you need to pay attention while eating, drinking, playing a sport, etc. A small mistake may change the course of your treatment. You have to change your eating and drinking habits. On the other hand in aligners, you don’t even have to bother much, just remove your aligners, eat and drink whatever you want to and insert them back easily.

5. Aligners Give you Confidence During the Treatment

Many people, mostly young adults are very conscious of their looks. They feel embarrassed or shy to use metal braces. Aligners being almost invisible will give you confidence throughout your treatment. You don’t have to feel shy or embarrassed while speaking to someone. Aligners are virtually invisible which means no one will notice that you are undergoing any orthodontic treatment. Whether you are a student, professional or a homemaker aligners can be used by all. Clear aligners are making this possible with the latest technology.


A quick comparison of Aligners vs. Braces

Aligners Braces
Removable Non-removable
Wear up to 20-22 hours a day Must be worn 24/7
Easy to insert, remove, clean and maintain Tough to clean and maintain than aligners
Virtually Invisible, Convenient, Flexible Can be seen easily, less comfortable
Eat and drink anything by removing them You have to avoid food and drink not suitable for braces
Less possibility of any breakage or damage High risk of damage to brackets & rubber bands

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