Don’t be mistaken! We aren’t talking about you realigning yourself. We are actually talking about re-aligning your teeth!  Confused? Your teeth are actually always on the move. After teeth alignment, some patients need to realign their teeth. This condition where realignment of teeth is needed is called as orthodontic relapse.

What is orthodontic relapse?

One of the best treatments for getting your teeth straightened is orthodontics, using braces or aligners. Once your treatment has been completed, your orthodontist will give you clear trays, that look similar to aligners, to hold your teeth in their newly assigned places. These trays are called as retainers.

If you skip wearing your retainers, your teeth will try and go back to the place they were in, before the treatment. This leads to changed alignment in your teeth and is known as relapse.

Another cause of relapse of orthodontic treatment is erupting third molars in an already crowded arch. This is commonly seen in patients who have had orthodontic treatment done when they were teenagers.

Other causes can be persistent habits that haven’t been corrected with orthodontics and high lip attachment to the gums in the upper front teeth region.

What are the treatment options available?

Just like orthodontics is the treatment of choice to align your teeth, it is also for realignment of the teeth.

Generally, a relapse results in milder misalignments. In many cases, relapse occurs because the patient discontinues wearing the retainer. On your regular dental visit to your dentist or orthodontist, they often notice some changes in your teeth alignment. If it is very mild, beginning to wear your retainers should solve your problem.

In a vast majority of cases, however, the patient doesn’t follow-up with the dental professional and discontinues the wearing of retainers. These relapse cases are often more severe and need orthodontic treatment again to set the teeth in line.

In case you have had orthodontic treatment done earlier and feel your teeth have started moving away from their designated place, your teeth can be aligned again. Visit your orthodontist today for an evaluation. Opt for invisible braces- opt for 32 Watts Clear Aligners

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