Alignwise aligners are the most aesthetic alternative to braces that help align your teeth. They are bio compatible plastic trays that are to be worn on your teeth for 20-22 hours each day and each pair needs to be worn for two weeks. They are easy to wear and remove.

Your orthodontist will advise alignwise aligner treatment to you if he/she feels you are an ideal candidate for the same.

Once your trays are delivered, your orthodontist will check the fit of your trays- in both upper and lower jaws. Since the trays are new, they might not seat properly around your teeth. To enable the trays to fit comfortably and accurately around your teeth, your orthodontist or dentist will use something call as ‘aligner chewies’.

What are these Alignwise Aligner Chewies?

Alignwise Aligner chewies are a vital component of aligner treatment. They are small, cylindrical, cotton- role like objects made up of a rubber polymer. Aligner chewies are used to close the air gaps between your aligner tray and your teeth to allow proper seating of the trays. A lot of times, the trays are placed over your teeth and we assume biting on them will allow them to settle. But, the seating might still be incomplete and so we need chewies.

To use aligner chewies, the upper and lower aligners are placed over the teeth and one or two chewies are placed between the two trays. The patient is then asked to bite on these chewies and continue to do so while passing the chewy in all areas of the mouth. The orthodontist or your dentist will ask you to bite on the chewies until you have bitten on all your teeth. They advise you to bite on the chewies for around 5-10 mins a day.

Once all the teeth have been bitten upon using a chewy, evaluate the gaps or spaces in all areas of the aligner tray. If you notice any gaps, additional biting over that area should be done with the chewie.

The Alignwise aligner chewies are reusable products and can be washed with water and mild soap after each use.

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