Types of Braces for Teeth Straightening | What comes to your mind when you read about getting your teeth straightened? A young teenager with a metallic smile? Well, you are not alone! The ‘metallic smile’ is synonymous with orthodontic treatment and is also the biggest deterrent for most people wanting to get their teeth aligned.

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But, gone are the days when metal braces were the only option available for those wanting to get straight teeth and a beautiful smile. Today, there are many different varieties of braces that are available to choose from. Based on the needs and requirements of the new-age patients, latest braces for teeth straightening are:

Types of Braces for Teeth – Ceramic Braces

These made of ceramic and are tooth-colored braces, which makes them less conspicuous than the metallic ones. Ceramic braces are slightly more rounded and smaller than metal braces and are stuck on the front of your tooth surface. Metallic wire or a tooth-colored wire is inserted into the slot on the ceramic braces and together they bring about the alignment of your teeth.

Ceramic Braces Type

Another Braces types for teeth – Self Ligating Braces 

Traditional braces type use elastics and rubber-based bands along with wires to pull your teeth into the alignment. These additional components apply stronger forces on your teeth and larger the forces on your teeth, more is the pain and discomfort. So, a new type of technology was introduced called self-ligating braces. The self-ligating brackets are designed in a way that the wires slide into the slot in the brackets without the need for elastics. So, the force exerted by these brackets is much lesser and more distributed. So, treatment using these braces is very comfortable for the patient.


Translucent Braces Type 

These are very similar to ceramic braces but they are available in varying shades of ceramic such that this shade can be matched with that of the patient’s tooth color. This makes them translucent when fixed on the patient’s teeth and even less conspicuous than regular ceramic braces.

Lingual Braces type for Teeth

While so far we have seen braces that are less conspicuous, but still visible. So, here are lingual braces that are not visible because they are hidden away. Lingual braces type, as the name goes, are braces that are fixed on the lingual or the tongue-side of your teeth. They are basically smaller metal brackets that are placed on the backside of your teeth making them virtually invisible.

Lingual Braces Type 2


These braces are a great option for those who do not want their metal braces to show but are not a candidate for clear aligners due to their case complexity. Lingual braces type is a great treatment option but comes with its own set of disadvantages.


types of Braces for Teeth – Clear Aligners

These are truly invisible braces and the best way to get your teeth aligned. These are a set of clear, transparent trays that are custom-made for each patient and need to be worn on the upper and lower teeth for a specific time period. Since they are transparent, they are invisible when worn over the teeth. They have many advantages over the other orthodontic treatment options available. For long, they were not the choice of treatment due to their high costs. But today, with the presence of companies like 32 Watts clear aligners are now being made in India, are of world-class quality and technology and best of all – they are affordable!

Clear Aligners Type


With the advancements in dentistry, braces are constantly evolving and becoming more patient-friendly. There are many options to choose from today, much unlike yesteryears when metallic braces were the only available ones.

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Narayan · September 16, 2019 at 11:46 pm

What type of braces best in crossbyte type teeth,
I need braces for my younger sister.

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