We often associate children with braces. But, as a parent, when do you first take your child for an evaluation?

Ideally, your child’s first dental visit should be done on eruption of the first tooth around 6 months of age. A regular visit to the dentist helps to monitor the pattern of eruption of teeth in your child, correct any habits that may have developed or are developing which can impact eruption of teeth, any tooth decay so that it can be treated early on to prevent loss of tooth and any other observations that the dentist makes.

Your general dentist or pediatric dentist looks for signs of malalignment of teeth and jaws when your child turns 6yrs old and the permanent teeth begin to erupt. Therefore, your child’s first visit to an orthodontist can be at this age. Even though your child might not have any abnormality in the teeth or jaws, regular visits help the orthodontist to catch a malalignment early. An early diagnosis can be beneficial to the child as the treatment is short and has lesser discomfort than wearing braces at a later stage.

In most cases where the child visits an orthodontist regularly, the treatment of a developing malocclusion is promptly provided, and the growth of the child is used in favour of this treatment. It is always easier to correct a ‘developing malocclusion’ compared to a ‘developed malocclusion’.

Taking interest in your child’s overall health is your duty as a parent. So, make regular dental visits a healthy habit for you and your child.

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