“A smile is always in fashion!”

Smile is the universal language of kindness and warmth, yet many people cover their mouths when they smile or laugh. Well, all thanks to improperly aligned or crooked teeth! If this sounds like you, you need to visit your dentist. You may have been told a million times by now about getting braces to straighten your teeth but if you still haven’t done it, chances are that you are shy of wearing metallic or ceramic braces too. If you nodded a ‘yes, we’ve got you some amazing news– braces are not the only way of getting an attractive smile with well-aligned teeth! Clear aligners or invisible braces are, by far, the most popular orthodontic treatment among people who wish to get their teeth aligned.

Many companies across the world fabricate clear invisible braces, and India is a growing market for aligners due to its young population. 32Watts Aligners was born out of the sheer demand for a local aligner brand that understands the Indian market and provides prompt and quick service across all major cities and towns.

How Do Clear Aligners Work?

Clear aligners have been around for a couple of decades now and are increasingly becoming popular. But many people wonder how they work, considering they look nothing like traditional braces and are just– too good to be true!

Clear aligners are made from biocompatible medical-grade polymer and come as a set. The patient must wear each set of upper and lower trays for a minimum of 22-23 hours a day for at least 2 weeks, before switching to their next set.

When these aligner trays are worn on the teeth, they apply constant, slow forces to move the teeth into their desired position. Once the teeth move into their new positions, they take time to adjust and settle in. Since the aligner trays cause slow and sustained forces, the treatment is more comfortable for the patient.

Advantages of 32Watts Clear Braces Over Other Clear Aligners

Why Should You opt for Clear Aligners Over Braces?

Before we learn more about the many advantages of 32Watts Aligners, here’s why clear aligners are the best choice for teeth alignment compared to traditional braces:

  • Aesthetic

Since clear aligners are transparent trays, they are invisible to others even from a close distance. So, compared to metallic braces, clear aligners are aesthetic and a great treatment option for those who have put off their orthodontic treatment because they didn’t want to wear a metallic or ceramic smile.

  • Comfortable

Clear aligners are made from biocompatible medical-grade polymer, which is comfortable when worn. This is also credited to the absence of metallic or ceramic brackets and wires. The trays are very smooth making them comfortable for your lips and gums as well.

  • Convenient

Braces are fixed appliances that can be removed only by your orthodontist at the end of your treatment. On the contrary, aligners are removable, and you do not have to experience all the hassles that you would with traditional forms of braces.

  • No diet restrictions

A common complaint that patients wearing traditional metal or ceramic braces have is that they cannot eat their favourite foods during their braces treatment. However, since clear aligners are removable, there are no diet restrictions while undergoing this treatment.

  • Minimum maintenance

Compared to braces, clear aligners have minimum maintenance. All you need to do is brush them clean when you remove them.

  • Easy to maintain oral hygiene

Not only is it easy to keep the aligner trays clean, since they are removable in nature, brushing and flossing your teeth is very easy throughout aligner treatment.

The 32Watts Advantage Over Other Aligners

As mentioned earlier, 32Watts Aligners are Made in India. These aligners have many advantages over the other brands available today, making them extremely popular with patients and orthodontists alike.

A smile is always in fashion!

Advantages of 32Watts Aligners over other clear braces

  • World-class quality Raw material used

At 32Watts Aligners, aligner trays are fabricated using CE or US FDA approved sheets, a global standard in clear aligner sheets. Apart from this, all the materials that are used in the fabrication of aligners are of top-notch quality to ensure accurate fit and effective treatment.


  • Advanced equipment

32Watts Aligners are fabricated in the company’s lab based in Delhi, India. The company uses German technology, tools and equipment to fabricate patient trays. To provide 100% accurate trays and give a seamless experience for the orthodontist and their patients, the company uses advanced technology like 3D printing, treatment planning software, etc.


  • Safety and quality control

The company follows all safety, quality and hygiene protocols to deliver safe treatments. In fact, 32Watts Aligners has been serving patients and delivering smiles throughout the COVID-19 pandemic.


  • Expert team of orthodontists

When you are in good hands, you are sure to have a successful and happy treatment experience. We can vouch for this with 32Watts Aligners! The treatment planning, production and delivery of aligners to patients is overseen by an expert team of orthodontists. This makes 32Watts carefully crafted, personalized invisible braces option for those looking to straighten their teeth.

32Watts Orthodontist Explains Advantages of 32Watts Clear Braces Over Other Clear Aligners

  • Quick delivery of trays

The biggest disadvantage of clear aligner treatment with foreign companies in India is that patients get their first set of aligner trays only 1-2 months after their measurements and records were taken. All this after paying up a huge chunk of the treatment cost upfront. However, 32Watts Aligners delivers your first set of aligner trays within 5 days of your measurement appointment.


This is possible because the trays are fabricated right here in India, making it easy to serve the people in the country. Most international aligner brands have their labs and manufacturing units abroad, making the delivery of trays a time-consuming process.


  • Affordable cost

Apart from the long duration until you receive your first trays, another disadvantage of having aligner manufacturing units abroad is the taxes and duty that needs to be paid to import the trays. When this cost is added to the treatment cost, aligners become an expensive affair.

Contrary to this, 32Watts Clear Aligners cost is affordable and priced at a reasonable cost, making them accessible to many people.



If you have been thinking about teeth straightening or alignment for some time, this is your chance! 32Watts Aligners are aesthetic, invisible, comfortable, convenient, and affordable at the same time. To find a 32Watts Aligner provider orthodontist near you, contact us today and embark on a smile transformation journey with us.

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