clear aligner treatment is an advanced orthodontic treatment modality without braces and wires. Clear aligners are customized and are fabricated to meet the individual needs. This transparent and virtually invisible treatment straighten the teeth using gentle and constant forces without going through the hassles of metal wires and brackets.

The first step to start the treatment is to take a digital scan/ PVS impression of both upper and lower arches. We , at 32 watts use German high grade 3D intra oral scanner which is the most advanced technique to get digital impressions in quickest and hassle free manner . PVS impressions or impressions made by a 2-step technique using putty and light body addition silicone material can also be used to get stone models which can be digitized in our facility for further processing.

Orthodontic Treatment with Clear Aligners

These digital impressions are then processed using specialized software. Each tooth is digitally separated and individual movements are incorporated by a highly efficient and trained team of orthodontists. The final outcome is referred as DIGIPLAN . Digiplan is the virtual treatment simulation which is fabricated after determining the individual patients needs as suggested by the treating orthodontist. The digiplan is uploaded onto the unique doctors’ personal portal from 32watts and the treating doctor can suggest changes or accept the treatment plan.

Once the digiplan is accepted on the portal , the aligners are manufactured using latest 3D printing technique on World class highly precise 3D printer.

32Watts Clear Aligners Starter Kit

Majority of cases requires between 25 to 40 sets of active aligners for complete alignment of teeth i.e. for a duration of 10 months to 18 months time. Till the aligners are being fabricated, we send a starter kit having zero aligners, carry case, chewies and handyman having all the instructions regarding aligner usage. The STARTER KIT is a wonderful tool to help the patients to get accustomed with the aligner trays as these zero aligners doesn’t have any active forces. The patient gets to know how to wear and remove the aligners and the treating doctor gets to know the path of insertion and removal of the aligner. The chewies help in better seating of the aligners.

Successful aligner treatment outcome depends on patient cooperation and time of wear. Each aligner set needs to be worn for 20 hours in day for 2 weeks before switching onto the next set. There are no restrictions on eating and drinking as you will be removing them before every meal.

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Advantages of Orthodontic Invisible Braces as Compared to Taditional Braces 

  1. The superior most aesthetics in clear Aligner Treatment is that when worn on teeth, these are almost invisible even from closest of distance. No one will ever be knowing that you are undergoing any treatment and your teeth are straightened.
  2. This method of teeth alignment gives you freedom to eat and drink your favorite food items which has never been possible in any fixed braces treatment. As the clear Aligner trays are removable, You can clean teeth after every meal and snack, or at least rinse your mouth with water. For when not at home, it’s simple to make a small cleaning kit to keep with you handy (include a toothbrush, toothpaste, floss) to make cleaning easy. This ensures a better oral hygiene while undergoing the treatment.
  3. The clear Aligner treatment is very smooth and comfortable as compared to conventional fixed braces. In Fixed Braces , many a times  part of your appliance breaks or becomes loose resulting in attention of  your orthodontist straight away and a visit in most of such cases becomes unavoidable.
  4. Gone are the times when Smile correction was possible only for a certain age group of people. Now with this latest technique called clear Aligners, patients varying from age of 14-55 years can get their most desired smile in most comfortable manner.

Advantages of Invisible Braces as Compared to Taditional Brace

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During this pandemic time, when reducing contact with people is utmost priority, clear aligner treatment has turned out to be very efficient and effective reducing the number of appointments and reducing overall treatment visits to the Clinic.


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