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Everyone wants to look young and preserve their smile throughout their lifetime. There are many natural methods that people have been using since centuries to preserve their beauty and smile. With the advances in cosmetology and cosmetic dentistry, many of the complaints that people have with their smile or appearance can be easily corrected. Cosmetic and aesthetic dentistry is a separate branch that helps beautify and correct people’s smiles.

Tips to keep your smile young

A large part of the responsibility lies with you when it comes to keeping your smile healthy and full of life.

You may ask, how? Read on…

  • Good oral hygiene practices help keep your gums and underlying bone healthy. This slows down gum and bone loss keeping your smile looking lively.
  • Observe any changes in your teeth or smile such as teeth wear or excessive yellowness of one or more teeth. Watch out for any teeth grinding habits. Consult your dentist for any concerns.

  • Keep a watch for any developing cavities or faulty fillings that may have developed decay underneath them.
  • Notice generalized yellowing or dullness in your teeth? They can be whitened and brightened using teeth whitening procedures or veneers.
  • Replace missing teeth immediately to prevent changes in your bite or the angulations of your teeth. If missing teeth are not replaced, they cause a loss in vertical height of your face giving you an old look.

  • Avoid wrong brushing techniques. If you are unsure about the correctness of your technique, consult your dentist and ask him/her to show you the right way. Do not forget to Floss!
  • If there are uneven edges in your front teeth that are making you look old, visit a cosmetic dentist to get them contoured or veneered to beautify your smile and look young.
  • The most important tip- Visit your dentist regularly and opt for a strict preventive plan with him/her so that they can continue to monitor your oral health and that sparkling smile.

Cosmetic dentistry is not expensive. There are many cost-effective methods that can make your smile beautiful and make you look younger.

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