Invisible Braces Cost In India

Invisible Braces Cost in India, Delhi | When we talk about clear Aligners or clear braces, one doubt that most patients have is “why should I opt for something that is so expensive?” If you silently nodded a ‘yes’ to this statement, you have come to the right place. For starters, let’s put this misconception to rest – clear aligners are not expensive! Believe it or not, it is true. So why is there confusion around the Invisible braces cost in India?

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The main reason for this is that aligners are relatively new as compared to traditional braces that have been there for quite some time now. As compared to regular metallic braces, clear aligners are slightly more expensive, but so are other types of braces such as ceramic and self-ligating ones. Let’s try to break down the costs involved in orthodontic treatment using aligners and why they are not that expensive as they are portrayed to be!

There are many factors that impact the price of invisible Braces, These are:

  • City: Like most commodities and products, aligners are slightly more expensive in bigger cities. But, they still fall under an affordable range.
  • Locality: Some areas of the cities are slightly more expensive than the rest and this minor cost increase is observed even in the cost of aligners. However, this increase is barely significant and the cost of aligners remains the same across a city or region of the country.
  • Lab costs: Clear aligners, unlike traditional braces, are custom-fit trays that are made for each patient. Therefore, your orthodontist will take impressions of your upper and lower teeth and send it to the lab for planning out your treatment and making your trays.

A large part of treatment costs in case of Invisible braces is charged by the lab. The major part of the Clear braces price comes from the cost of 3D printing. Since the treatment is customized so for each aligner a patient-specific model is 3D printed. The more precise the 3D printed model, the costlier it is. The accuracy of the 3D printed model determines the efficacy of the clear aligners.

Also, most aligners available in India today have their labs outside the country and thereby, charge more for logistics and transportation. However, some companies such as 32 Watts Clear Aligners that are based out of New Delhi and have an in-house lab are much affordable as compared to foreign brands but deliver the same quality.


  • Clinic Charges: Whenever you visit a dentist for orthodontic treatment, your treatment cost also includes the clinic charges for your every visit to the dentist.

Now we know what is included in the cost of your Invisible braces treatment. But, let’s take a step back and understand why you should opt for clear aligners and not traditional braces.

Traditional braces are fixed on your teeth and if metallic, they tend to give you a conspicuous metallic smile.

  • Due to the fixed nature of traditional braces, oral hygiene maintenance becomes a bit tedious whereas, aligners being removable, it is easy to brush and floss regularly.
  • Since traditional braces are stuck on your teeth surfaces, there are many restrictions on the types of food one must eat and not eat. But with aligners, this problem never arises as you are expected to remove your trays while eating.
  • When being treated with traditional metal or ceramic braces, your orthodontist will advise you to visit the clinic every month to tighten wires. However, if you do not have a fixed schedule, or you are always traveling, Invisible treatment is the best for you. When being treated with aligners, your orthodontist doesn’t need to tighten wires and asks you to visit him/her once in 2-3 months to monitor the progress of the treatment.

Now, let’s head back to the Invisible braces cost in India, in its different cities. On average, invisible braces cost anything between INR 50,000 up to INR 4 lakhs. This wide range is due to the different brands available in India, with Indian make aligners being more affordable.


Invisible Braces Cost in Kolkata

braces cost Kolkata is the highest among all Indian cities, owing to its overall high cost of living. The other company costs begin at INR 75,000 and can go up to INR 4 lakhs based on the brand of aligners, the location of the clinic, the experience of the doctor and the complexity of the case.

Cost of Invisible Braces Hyderabad

Invisible braces price in Hyderabad is relatively less and the treatment costs begin at about INR 50,000 and go up to INR 1,50,000. The cost will vary based on the brand chosen by the patient.

Clear Braces Price in Lucknow

Clear braces cost in Lucknow remains in the range of INR 50,000 to 1.5 lakhs. The cost varies based on the suburb within the city.

Invisible Braces Cost in New Delhi

If we compare the invisible braces cost in New Delhi, the price of aligners treatment begins at INR 60,000 upwards and based on the complexity of the case, it can go as far up as INR 2 lakhs. Prices are often found to be higher in South Delhi as compared to the rest of the city and nearby Delhi NCR region.

Cost of Invisible Braces in Chandigarh

In Chandigarh, clear braces price is relatively on the lower end compared to the other cities. However, the average cost of these aligners begins at INR 60000 upwards.

People often tend to compare the costs of aligners with that of traditional metal or ceramic braces and conclude that aligners are expensive. However, with the recent advances in metal and ceramic braces, the cost of a high-end, best quality ceramic braces cost anything from INR 55,000 upwards whereas, metal or ceramic self-ligating braces can cost you about INR 65000-75,000 based on your case, city, locality, and brand of braces.

So, when you compare the products such as aligners and braces, remember to also compare the quality, comfort, ease of treatment and convenience. When you have evaluated these factors, you will realize that the clear aligners cost in India is very affordable. Many clinics that offer clear aligner treatments also offer an easy pay EMI option to encourage patients to opt for this treatment.

Invisible braces cost in India depends upon many multiple factors including no. of aligners, location, orthodontic charges lab charges, etc.

Do you still think clear aligners are expensive?


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