When a patient visits an orthodontist for getting teeth aligned. Few thoughts that are always at the back of patients mind is “Are Invisible braces expensive?” or “how much do Invisible braces cost in Chennai?” These are valid thoughts as orthodontic treatment can have a wide range of costs involved. Based on the type of treatment, the brand and choice of product, additional dental appliances required. 32Watts is the Best Clear Aligners in Chennai with all end to end transparent dental treatment.

Other dental treatments needed duration of treatment and other geographical differences such as country and city of treatment.

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Invisible Braces cost in Chennai | Traditional Braces in Chennai

Invisible Braces Cost in Chennai Starting from 70,000 to 1.5 lakh. For more complex, it can go upto 2 lakh. There are many factors for determining the cost of the Clear Aligners in Chennai such as

  1. The cost can vary from a patient profile.
  2. The complexity of the Case.
  3. Treatment duration of the patient teeth
  4. Location Of the Clinic or Hospital available in Chennai

The other difference also determines the aligners cost is the brand patient choose. The seniority of the treating Orthodontist.

Invisible Braces Cost In Chennai

Are Ceramic Braces Expensive? | Clear Aligners Cost in Chennai

One step above the metal braces are the tooth-colored braces that are often made up of ceramic. Ceramic braces are preferred by those patients who are conscious of the metallic smile that is characteristic of metal braces. However, this upgrade from metal to ceramic braces comes with a price tag because ceramic braces are slightly more expensive than metallic braces in Chennai. Ceramic braces cost starts from INR 30,000 to the INR 70,000. Again, the brand or make of the braces, and the quality decide what price your orthodontist will charge you.

Invisible Braces Expensive in Chennai. Is it True?

This is one myth associated with almost invisible braces. So, let’s demystify it! The clear aligners or invisible braces cost in Chennai starting from ₹ 60,000 to ₹ 1,50,000. While choosing your clear aligners, opt for the best quality clear aligners like 32 Watts aligners instead of making your choice looking at the price quoted. 32 Watts Clear aligners are made in India, are more comfortable than other aligner brands available, have successful results and the best part? They are extremely affordable.

Invisible Braces Cost in Chennai

Why 32 Watts is the Best Clear Aligners in Chennai?

We are often told that the best things in life are not cheap and so when we say that 32 Watts aligners are extremely affordable, one might question its credibility. But, let’s get it straight here. Few aligner brands available in India today are based out of India– their labs are based in the Western part of the world or in the Middle East which makes them an extremely costly affair and within the reach of the chosen few. Due to this, a large part of the money a patient pays for these aligner brands is spent on brand value, transportation, and transit costs.

The Indian brands which are manufactured in India come at a cheaper price, some of whom may compromise on their choice of 3D printing technology. But this is not the case with 32 Watts clear aligners. These aligners are Made in India and have a lab right here in our country with no compromises on any part of the processes required to manufacture the clear aligners. They may not be the cheapest option but at a marginal price, difference offers the best in class solution.

The cost may be slightly more than their Indian counterparts but the benefits are immense. It does make sense to support an Indian organization that is providing you quality as good as if not better than the best in the world.

Having local operations makes it easy for the company to optimize costs without compromising quality or results and their service is evidently faster as your aligners can be easily shipped from the capital, where they are based, to the rest of the country.

So, if you are looking for the best quality, affordable price and faster delivery of your aligners, 32 Watts is your best option available in Chennai, India today.


Additional Questions

Q: What is the cost of Invisible Teeth Braces?

The average cost of invisible teeth braces vary from patient profile to profile. The average cost of invisible teeth braces is Chennai 70,000 to 1,50.000 but No one can tell you an exact price without consulting with the orthodontist.

Q: Are Lingual Braces good?

This is also a good option for your teeth if your budget is low. But with Lingual Braces, you have to follow multiple eating restrictions. They are not completely invisible braces like 32 Watts Clear Aligners. So, Try If you still confused about your dental Clear Aligners in Chennai then feel free to contact us.


Q: Self-Ligating Braces cost in Chennai

The estimated cost of self Lingual braces are much higher than metallic or ceramic braces or any other traditional braces. Since the design is much sleeker and the technician requires more time to manufacture Self-lingual braces. The self-ligating braces cost in Chennai starting from Rs 72,000 to Rs 1,90,000.

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