There are various options available in the market for straightening your irregular teeth which include conventional metal braces, ceramic braces, self-locking braces, lingual braces and the latest option, the clear aligners.

Choosing an Aligner over conventional braces is a good esthetic option. Aligners are made up of a special thermoplastic material which brings about changes in the teeth in an incremental way and is uniquely customized for you. Keeping aligners clean and odor-free is an important part of your treatment. When it comes to How to Take Care of your Aligners you should be very careful, as you are going to wear them throughout the day and night except for a few hours.

The aligners are designed so that they are easy to maintain and clean. Cleaning at regular intervals prevents bacterial deposition and plaque formation.

Failure in the maintenance of aligners may affect the lifespan and quality of the aligner. But most of the Aligner users are not aware of aligner care which results in early damage and need of repurchasing the aligners for the same stage. It is your responsibility to take care of your aligners.

How to Take Care of your Aligners

Here are a few tips for cleaning and maintaining the aligners:

1. Maintain your Oral Hygiene

Brushing your teeth before inserting the aligner is very important. If food debris is stuck up on the teeth and the aligners are inserted they may increase the risk of caries.

How to Take Care of your Aligners [Orthodontist Tips]

2. Keep your Aligners Clean Before and After Use

How to Take Care of your Aligners [Orthodontist Tips]

Before inserting the pair of aligner you should clean them properly. For cleaning them you may use the kit provided by your orthodontist or you may clean them by gently brushing with a soft-bristle toothbrush. After removing the aligners, you should rinse the aligner 2-3 times with cold water, to remove the saliva, food particles and bacteria from the aligners.


3. Keep your Aligners in the Carry Case Only

In situations like eating, drinking (hot substances), brushing your teeth, you should put your aligners in the carry case provided by your doctor. Never wrap your aligners in a napkin or a piece of paper as you may end up throwing it accidentally in the garbage. By keeping the aligners in the carry case when not using them is the second-best place for them after your mouth.

4. Avoid

  • Smoking, chewing gum and other sticky substance as they will ruin your aligners, therefore, it is best to avoid them.
  • Do not use mouth-rinse to clean the aligners. Due to the presence of alcohol or dyes in the mouth-rinse, there are chances your aligners may be damaged.
  • Do not use denture cleaning agents to clean the aligners. Denture cleaning agents contain harsh chemicals that might make the Clear Aligners milky and frosty.

How to Take Care of your Aligners [Orthodontist Tips]

5. Cleaning Your Aligners

  • Aligners cleaning tablets are commercially available in the market which can be dissolved in the water. The aligners can be soaked in the solution so as to get rid of the bacteria and plaque attached to the aligners.
  • Homemade cleaning aids include making a mixture of water and hydrogen peroxide in equal proportions and soaking the aligners for 15-20 minutes and then washing them.

As much as the steps you follow discussed above, there will more positive results of your aligners’ treatment. The caring steps of How to Take Care of your Aligners are difficult you just need to apply them gently and properly. Also, don’t let anyone touch your aligners may get germs. If you are having any kind of trouble regarding your aligners or you need orthodontic treatment, you make contact with our specialist orthodontists who have been serving the healthy and beautiful smile for many years.

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