The safety of our families, co-workers, and patients has taken the utmost priority in this difficult phase of a pandemic. The impact of the pandemic on periodontists, dentists, orthodontists, and hygienists is huge.

Several dental care facilities in almost all countries have been completely closed or have been only providing minimal treatment for emergency cases. But, on the other hand, ceasing dental care provision during such a period will incense the burden on hospital emergency departments, who are already struggling with the pandemic.

This alarming situation has aimed to develop guidelines for dental patients’ management and care from home during and after the COVID-19 pandemic. To avoid having a dental episode, maintaining your dental and oral hygiene is vital. You won’t need to visit the dentist, and you can generally stay safe indoors. A cleaner and healthy mouth may be less prone to viral infections as it is well observed that a healthy body is less prone to get any other infections.

Brush Your Teeth Wisely

We brush regularly but believe it or not, we don’t brush enough for our teeth to stay clean. The ADA recommends brushing for at least two minutes, twice daily. To make this routine effortless, one can set a timer on the phone to give oneself the time needed to thoroughly clean teeth. Make sure to give special focus on the backs of your teeth of the front anterior teeth where plaque builds up often.

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Benefits of Flossing Mouth

Food particles left between teeth cause gum inflammation and tooth decay. The only possible way to remove this is Flossing because a toothbrush cannot get between teeth. One can pick thin or thick floss depending upon the gap between teeth.  If you have difficulty flossing your back teeth, try using a water flosser. A good dentist can easily tell just by looking at your teeth whether you floss or not. Curve the floss around the edge of your tooth in the shape of the letter “C” and slide it up and down the side of each tooth. Remember not to hurt your gums by choosing the right practice of flossing.

Dental Care Guide During Pandemic situation


Eat a Healthy Diet and Discard Sugary Beverages and Snacks

It’s very important to have a  healthy diet for overall well-being and avoid the risk of caries or periodontal disease. Studies and researches have proved that there is an association between sugar intake and caries.

One also has to limit intake of acidic beverages like soda, energy drinks, and others to avoid the acid build-up that weakens tooth materials, thereby causing holes in your tooth cavities.


Dental Care Guide During Pandemic situation


Appliances for Treated Teeth

Apart from the food restrictions, patients who wear braces realize the cumbersome procedures associated with keeping their teeth, braces along with the wires and elastics clean and plaque-free. Orthodontic brushes, proxa brushes, orthodontic mouthwashes are prescribed to the patients wearing fixed braces

In Case of any Dental Emergency

Despite having a good dental routine and care, one might have a dental urgency in the course of the lockdown period because nothing is guaranteed. The first thing to do is to identify if it actually is considered a dental emergency at this time. it will be appropriate to contact your dentist first for a brief examination over the phone if they’re available.

It’s best to get a medical prescription written from the doctor and sent to the patient’s email or if nothing works then schedule the appointment for the less risky time slot and least time period taking all care and precautions.


Dental Care Guide During Pandemic situation


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