Clear Aligners bring an aesthetic smile with the smile correction treatment. These aligners use plastic trays to straighten your teeth. Aligner treatment is available in Punjab and Chandigarh too. It is the most advanced technology for manufacturing clear aligners for the end-users. The 32 Watts Clear aligners also correct mal-alignments that include gaps in teeth, open bite, crowded teeth, and make many other corrections. The Best Invisible braces cost in Punjab Ludhiana Chandigarh is shown as follows:

Invisible Braces Cost in Punjab

It is a fantastic and hassle-free treatment to straighten your teeth. If your teeth are not in a correct position, then it can lower your self-esteem and your confidence level. If you want to save yourself from such a situation, then clear aligners can help you. If you are a resident of Punjab, Ludhiana, Chandigarh, etc. then you first need to check out the price of clear aligners in Punjab before you go for the treatment. You can get clear aligners at dental clinics in Punjab. Search for Invisible Braces price in Punjab in your locality.

The cost of Invisible braces in Chandigarh, Ludhiana Punjab starts from Rs. 75,000 to 1.5 lakh depending upon the complexity of the case, the time required and skill level of the treating Orthodontist.

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What Type of Materials are used to make Clear Aligners?

The patient can wear these aligners instead of using the traditional brackets. The Clear Aligners are new technology that serves as the perfect alternative to traditional metal braces to correct malocclusion in adults. First, you need to visit a 32 Watts Clear Aligners Provider who can guide you properly and help to embark on the journey to using customized clear aligners for your dental correction. These are medical-grade polymer aligners that have been fabricated on the 3D printed model of the teeth using high-end orthodontic software. These clear aligners are made up of medical-grade polymer, which is not even visible and offers you pleasing aesthetics.

Invisible Braces Cost in Punjab

You must wear each tray for 20 hours in one day for two weeks time period before you switch to the next aligner. The clear aligners will straighten your teeth and even bring a change in your smile making it more attractive.

Advantages of Best Clear Aligners in Chandigarh Ludhiana

The benefits of best Clear aligners are as below:

  • Invisible or Transparent
  • Customized solution for your dental problems
  • Aligners are removable
  • They offer you excellent aesthetics
  • Bring predictable results
  • Easy to maintain as can be cleaned in no time
  • The clear aligners bring a better smile
  • No irritation caused to the gums

The technology is two decades old. But even today the technology is being further developed to make the treatment more and more comfortable and flexible.

Best in Class Smile Treatment in Chandigarh Punjab

If you are planning to find out the exact cost of the clear aligners, then it is quite tricky. The treatment offered by each orthodontist for their patients is customized. However, clear aligners cost in Punjab is more than traditional braces. The severity of the malocclusion will influence the cost of aligners. High-end clinics which provide best in class treatments also charge more for the treatments that they provide, be it anything. Therefore the type of clinic will also influence the cost of clear aligner treatment. Major companies from dentistry are working together for the patients to providing high quality and the best experience during the whole treatment.

In general, the cost of the treatment is very high because of professionalism and the skills you need to perform a successful procedure. In the case of Punjab especially Chandigarh, the Best Clear Braces in Chandigarh are affordable in the case of a young adult. Invisible braces is the best method for teeth straightening. The cost is applicable if the cause is misaligned teeth in your smile.

Best Clear Aligners in Chandigarh

A Home Care Guide to the Clear Aligners

When you go for  treatment with clear aligners, the orthodontist will ask you to follow  some instructions:

  • It would help if you always clean your hands before you insert or remove the clear aligners. It will help in retaining the quality and cleanliness of the aligners.
  • It would be best if you handle the aligners with clean hands when you are unpacking them.
  • Do not apply force when you are inserting the aligners
    • Your fingers are enough to bring the aligners close to the teeth and apply the minimum pressure required to fix those aligners on the teeth.
    • Now you are confident with your smile and the perfect looks.

    In case you find some issue in the insertion of Clear aligners, you can contact the 32 Watts Team to assist you.

    Best Clear Aligners in Ludhiana Chandigarh Punjab

    The technology used for the Best Invisible Braces in Chandigarh?

    The clear aligners most often utilize the 3D imaging and the CAD/CAM technology that fabricates the lower and upper removable appliances. Wear each pair of 32 Watts Clear aligners for at least two weeks before replacing them with the next pair of aligners. Repeat the process until you reach the last pair of 32 Watts Clear aligners. After finishing the treatment retainers are given to the patient. The patient also needs to make regular visits to an orthodontist every two months when the treatment is ongoing.


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