Clear aligners are plastic trays used to bring a beautiful smile by correcting the malpositioning of your teeth. The repositioning of the teeth with invisible braces has become the leading technology in today’s time. Clear aligner treatment is available in Gujarat and Ahmedabad also with the best packages. The 32 Watts clear aligners help in correcting the malpositioning of teeth, gaps in teeth, crowded teeth, open bite, and make many other teeth corrections. The invisible braces cost in Gujarat can vary from the complexity of the case and patient profile.

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Type of materials used to correct the teeth positioning with clear aligners

Instead of wearing traditional braces, the patient can go for clear aligner treatment. It has become popular and is an effective tooth repositioning treatment that serves as an excellent alternative to metal braces. At first, you need to visit the 32 Watts of clear aligners provider. who can guide you correctly about the best Clear Aligners in Ahmedabad? It helps you to embark on the journey of using customized invisible braces for dental correction.

Clear aligners are made up of medical-grade polymer, which is not visible to others. In today’s time, when the generation feels ashamed of wearing metal braces, they can go for invisible braces. They are medical-grade polymer aligners that use high-end orthodontic software, for planning and then they are fabricated on the 3D printed model of the teeth. Invisible braces offer pleasing aesthetics to dental patients over traditional metal braces.

Ultimate Advantages of best clear aligners in Ahmedabad, Gujarat

By wearing clear aligners, you can enjoy various benefits, and some of them include:

  • Clear aligners are easily removable trays that allow the patient to remove or fit them over the teeth within no time.
  • The dental patient can eat the food of their choice without worrying while taking the treatment with invisible braces.
  • Clear Aligners allow you to maintain good oral hygiene because you can remove your aligners to brush your teeth.
  • It is important to wear clear aligners for at least 20-22 hours a day to achieve the desired results from the treatment.
  • It is easy and comfortable for the patient to correct the position of the teeth by using invisible braces because they are painless.


How Do Clear Aligners-Invisible Braces work?

When you visit your dentist or orthodontist for using clear aligners for your treatment they first take the impression of your teeth or a 3D intraoral scan. After that, the dentist will make a proper plan for repositioning your teeth. When the patient gets the clear aligners, they will be fitted used in series to make adjustments to correct the positioning of your teeth. Clear aligners are made from medical-grade polymer, which fits snugly over your teeth.

However, the patients can remove the invisible braces while eating, flossing, or brushing. The dentist advises you to go for invisible braces in Gujarat to reposition your teeth. After wearing invisible braces, you can move your teeth to the desired position.

Invisible Braces Cost in Gujarat

How Much Invisible Braces Cost in Gujarat?

Usually, the treatment prices for getting the treatment with invisible braces vary according to the location, experience of the treating doctor, the number of visits, the number of aligners used, and many more factors. In most cases,  Invisible Braces cost in Gujarat Ahmedabad starting from Rs. 75, 000 to Rs. 1,5 0,0 00. The treating orthodontist or dentist normally decides the treatment price for clear aligners.

In general, the treatment with clear aligners includes the use of clear polymer trays which are not visible to others. It makes the invisible braces slightly expensive as compared to traditional metal braces. The use of invisible braces has become an efficient treatment for ensuring the correct repositioning of the teeth in a short time.

Best Clear Aligners in Ahmedabad

How long does it take to Straighten Your Teeth Using Clear Aligners?

Generally, the treatment time with the invisible clear aligners is based on how much the teeth need to be moved. The more crooked the teeth of the patient, the longer will be the time taken to correct the positioning of the teeth. It can take about 10 to 24 months to reposition your teeth with clear aligners.

Moreover, there are many benefits of using invisible braces over traditional metal braces. Clear aligners are comfortably removable, which makes it easier for brushing and flossing well. Along with it, by going for the invisible braces, you can maintain overall oral hygiene effectively. Clear aligners are an advanced dental appliance that is used in Gujarat for straightening teeth. A wide range of teeth misalignments can be corrected with the help of invisible braces.


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