Are You Looking for Best Clear aligners in Malaysia, you might want to read on this. If you have already delayed straightening your teeth for many years and have finally decided to get them treated, your mind may definitely be plagued with a number of questions – “what options do I have?”, “How many weeks, months or years will the treatment take?”, “How will I manage my teeth with ugly braces?”, “How much are the clear aligners cost in Malaysia?”, etc. If you have already delayed getting your teeth straightened for many years, there can be many reasons for it, with the two most common ones being:


  • You did not want to wear an ugly metallic or a bulky ceramic smile common with traditional metal or ceramic braces, OR
  • Expensive treatment costs


In recent times, the field of orthodontics and dentistry as a whole has seen major advances with the introduction of clear aligners that are an aesthetic substitute for traditional metal and ceramic braces. Even in Malaysia, people wish to get their teeth straightened but in the most aesthetic way possible, making clear aligners the ideal choice of treatment. Some international companies are providing the best clear aligners in Malaysia.

Clear Aligners & Invisible Braces in Malaysia

However, the clear aligners cost in Malaysia is a point of concern for most patients who wish to opt for this treatment. But, before we discuss the clear aligners cost in Malaysia, we must understand, in brief, what clear aligners really are.

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Best Clear Aligners in Malaysia| Clear Aligners Cost in Malaysia

Clear aligners have been in the market for a few years now and have caught up in most countries across the world. Clear aligners are biocompatible, comfortable plastic trays that arrive as sets of upper and lower trays and need to be worn on your upper and lower teeth to bring about tooth movement. Since these trays are transparent and invisible even at close distances, they are called invisible braces.

Best Clear Aligners in Malaysia

Since clear aligners are removable as compared to the fixed braces, it makes brushing and flossing teeth very convenient. At the same time, there are no food or diet restrictions in clear aligner treatment as is common with fixed braces treatment. Each clear aligner tray is customized to the patient and fits snuggly around his/her teeth.

Since the traditional braces are not customized, they can be directly placed on the patient’s teeth to begin treatment. Contrary to this, since the clear aligners are customized for each patient, the process involves–


  • Upper and lower teeth measurements are taken and sent to the lab
  • The orthodontists at the aligner lab use advanced softwares to design the patient’s entire treatment plan
  • This plan is sent to the patient’s orthodontist for approval
  • Once okayed, the lab begins to manufacture the patient’s clear aligner trays


While the process may prompt one to enquire about the best clear aligners in Malaysia|clear aligners cost in Malaysia, you must know that the cost of clear aligners in most countries of the world is comparable to that of traditional ceramic braces.


Clear Aligners (Invisible Braces) Cost in Malaysia

The clear aligners cost in Malaysia depends upon multiple factors such as:

  • The brand of clear aligners chosen by the patient
  • The complexity of the patient’s case
  • The location of the clinic in the country
  • Cost inclusions such as post-treatment retainers

There are several companies of clear aligners that are now available in Malaysian cities like Penang also. 32Watts Clear Aligners is one of them.

All these companies are renowned in the South East Asian region of the world and have successfully treated many orthodontic patients to give them attractive smiles.

The Best clear aligners cost in Malaysia varies from RM 15,000 to RM 20,000. When you orthodontist gives you clear aligners cost in Malaysia, do remember to ask him what all is included in the treatment costs. Most orthodontists provide attractive EMI options to make it easy for the patients to pay.

Clear Aligners Cost in Malaysia

Does that mean the clear aligners cost in Malaysia is high? Not really! The cost of clear aligners is not high when compared to the number of benefits and advantages they have over conventional braces. These include:-

  • Invisible braces
  • Way more comfortable than traditional braces
  • Easier to maintain oral hygiene
  • No restrictions on food/diet
  • Quicker results
  • The patient is able to visualize his/her final result even before the treatment begins


Clear aligners have become the treatment of choice for patients who wish to get their teeth straightened and flaunt a beautiful smile. Millions of people have opted for this treatment option and have been successfully treated. Clear aligners are also in demand in Malaysia, especially among the young adults who are conscious about wearing anything metallic or ceramic on their teeth.


If you have any queries about clear aligners cost in Malaysia, please feel free to connect with us. 32 Watts is now in Malaysia and we promise to help you achieve that perfect, flawless smile you always desired!


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