If you are a resident of Dubai UAE and want to know about Clear Aligners cost in Dubai then this is for you. Invisible braces or clear transparent aligners are the latest and the most sophisticated option for straightening your teeth. Traditional metal and ceramic braces are stuck on the teeth to bring about movement. Invisible braces are transparent plastic trays that are custom-made for each patient. These trays are based on the moulds created of the upper and lower teeth of the patient. Clear aligners cost in Dubai is a little more than metal braces.

The reason invisible braces were introduced was because people were reluctant to wear metallic braces or bulky ceramic ones. Both metals looked ugly while smiling. There was a large group of people who refused to get their teeth straightened. Because they did not want to look like a metal mouth So, lo and behold, invisible braces were introduced.

Thanks to the comfort, ease of wearing, and quicker treatment times, invisible braces are the treatment of choice for both patients and doctors in Dubai today. In fact, Dubai is the destination of choice when it comes to invisible braces in the Middle East. This is due to the latest technology equipment used to scan the teeth and lab equipment to fabricate the clear aligner trays.


Best Clear Aligners in Dubai UAE 

Dubai is a popular destination for health and medical treatments. Owing to its central location on the world map and, the affordable costs of medical and dental, procedures thousands of people visit the country for healthcare purposes. Dubai has the latest technology, machines, and state of the art healthcare setups. So, Dubai is not just a popular holiday destination where people come to see the tallest building in the world or shop till they drop in the markets. People also come to Dubai for medical and Best Clear Aligners treatments such as invisible braces.

In traditional braces, one needs to visit their orthodontist every 3-4 weeks. In the case of invisible braces, the patients need to visit their dentist less often. Also, if the patients live far away or in another part of the country or world, they can share their treatment progress with their orthodontist via images or video. How can this be possible, right?

Well, in the case of traditional metallic and ceramic braces, the teeth move due to the pressure applied to them by the wires. These wires are tightened and changed by the orthodontist routinely. So, it becomes essential to visit the orthodontist every 3-4 weeks. However, in the case of clear aligners, the entire treatment of the patient is planned before the surgery actually begins.

Best Clear Aligners in Dubai

Once the patient decides to opt for clear aligners, the orthodontist takes measurements of the patient’s upper and lower teeth using a 3D scanner. These images are uploaded on the cloud and can be accessed by the aligner company. Once the photos have been uploaded, the company’s in-house team of orthodontists devises a treatment plan and send it to the treating orthodontist. After the treatment plan has been approved by the orthodontist and his/her patient, the lab begins to fabricate the set of trays for the patient.

Invisible braces arrive as a set of upper and lower trays. Each set needs to be worn for about 2 weeks before moving on to the next set. The patient must wear clear aligners for at least 22-23 hours every day. The aligners are only removed to brush & floss and while you eat your food.

So, in this case, the orthodontist need not tighten wires or change brackets. This makes it easy for patients seeking clear aligners to visit Dubai for their treatment.


Cost of Clear Aligners-Invisible Braces in Dubai UAE

When we say that the invisible braces cost in Dubai is affordable. What numbers are we looking at? Clear aligner cost in Dubai begins at a humble AED 9000 and can go up to AED 25000 for some international brands.

However, Clear aligners cost in Dubai is dependent on a number of factors, such as the complexity of the patient’s case, the location of the orthodontist’s clinic, pre-treatment, and after-care support. The cost of clear aligners in Dubai may seem higher than other orthodontic treatments, but due to the comfort and aesthetics that it provides, patients are ready to go that extra mile with their pockets.

Clear Aligners Cost in Dubai

Many clinics in Dubai also offer dental tourism packages at attractive rates that include invisible braces treatment costs and the cost of traveling to Dubai and exploring the city. The clinics also provide discounts and secure payment options to patients availing invisible braces treatment.


What Problems Can Invisible Braces Treat in DUBAI UAE?

Invisible braces treatment in Dubai appears to be an excellent option for patients, but they are often plagued by queries such as “what problems can invisible braces treat?”

Invisible braces can treat a wide range of malalignment problems of teeth such as:

  • Crowding
  • Spacing
  • Open bite
  • Deep bite
  • Crossbites
  • Midline diastema


The first set of aligners that are given to a patient are called zero aligners. Their main aim is to get the patient used to wear the aligners. These need to be worn for a 3-4 week period, after which the treatment aligners are given to the patient. The duration of treatment with invisible braces varies from patient to patient. Patients are given retainers after the completion of the procedure. Patients must inquire with their orthodontist about the inclusion of the retainer cost in the invisible braces cost in Dubai.

Once you decide that you want to get your teeth straightened by invisible braces in Dubai, you must do your research to find a certified orthodontist who has had training in treating orthodontic cases with clear aligners. Once you have decided on the orthodontist, it is a great idea to connect with them over the phone or email. You can explain to them about your case so they can give you a brief idea about your case before you visit the country for further procedures.

If you wish to straighten your teeth in the most elegant way possible and want to opt for invisible braces treatment in Dubai, look out for some international brands like 32 Watts aligners that are reliable, comfortable, and have 100% success rate in treating most dental malalignment problems. Have any more queries? Connect with us today!

Q: How much do braces cost in Dubai? or

How much do invisible braces cost in Dubai?

Invisible braces in Dubai cost anything between AED 9000 (2,450.18 US$) to AED 25000 (6,806.05 US$). This wide range is because the cost of the invisible braces depends upon few factors like the brand of invisible braces that you choose, the complexity of your treatment, whether your orthodontist provides pre-treatment and post-treatment support such as retainers and the location of the clinic in the city.


The cost of invisible braces in Dubai may seem slightly higher than traditional braces which range from AED 6000 to AED 15000. However, for the comfort, ease and quicker duration time with invisible braces, the slightly high yet affordable cost is pretty justified.

Q: How long do you wear each Invisible tray?

Each Clear Aligners should be wear at least 22hour in a Day.


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