Clear Aligners Cost in Singapore | The advances in orthodontic treatment have been seen all across the world. With the introduction of 3D technology and superior materials, clear aligners or invisible braces were introduced about two decades back. However, for a really long time, there were very few brands available Their labs were based out of the Americas and thus, they were expensive options for teeth straightening.

Closer home in Asia, people who did not want to put braces to straighten their teeth preferred to not get them straightened rather than opt for expensive invisible braces. But, in the past few years, more companies have introduced Best invisible braces in Singapore, and many of them are now located in South East Asia. This significantly reduces treatment cost and duration as lesser time is spent in transporting the trays to the patients.

Clear Aligners Cost in Singapore | Invisible Braces in Singapore

Clear aligners in Singapore are now much more affordable than they were earlier. The Cost of clear Aligners in Singapore is SGD 4500 to SGD 10000. The price of clear aligners treatment Singapore depends upon the brand/company of the aligners, degree of malocclusion and other factors such as clinic location, and treatment support provided. Among the various brands of aligners available, American brands of clear aligners cost in Singapore is at the higher end, therefore making it out of reach for many people.

Simple cases might start from S$ 4,600 and severe cases from S$ 150,000 depending on specific malfunction.


Clear Aligners Cost in Singapore

Factors Affecting Cost of Clear Aligners in Singapore

Invisible braces help straighten teeth just like traditional metallic or ceramic braces. They can treat a variety of malalignment problems such as:

    • Crowding
    • Spacing
    • Overbite
    • Crossbite
    • Open bite
    • Deep bite

To treat these tooth alignment problems, invisible braces can take anything between 6 months to 2 years.

Invisible Braces cost in Singapore

Top Factors of cost of Invisible Braces in Singapore:

    • The complexity of the case
    • Brand/company of the clear aligners
    • Location of the dental clinic
    • Whether you need to wear clear braces on both upper and lower arch or only on one arch
    • Pre-treatment record taking
    • Mid-treatment procedures such as bite adjustments
    • Auxiliaries that may be needed in between the treatment
    • Refinement costs


There are many clinics across Singapore that offer lesser than the average cost for clear aligners across the country. This is because the pre-treatment, mid-treatment, and post-treatment(retainers) procedures are not covered by them.

So, make sure you ask your orthodontist about what all is included in your quoted cost when choosing invisible braces.

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What do the Invisible Braces Cost in Singapore Include?

If you choose to opt for invisible braces treatment, it usually begins with making records – x-rays, pre-treatment clinical photographs, measurements and creating a model of the teeth, and bite-registration.

The measurements of your upper and lower teeth are usually taken using a 3D scanner that sends the images directly to the cloud and is accessible by the in-house orthodontist as well as the lab.

Once the in-house orthodontists of the aligner company receive your oral measurements, they design the treatment plan and send it to your orthodontist, who will then explain and discuss the same with you. This includes the movements expected, the duration of treatment, and the final outcome.

Once the treatment plan is approved by your orthodontist and you, the lab is instructed to fabricate your set of invisible braces. All the procedures mentioned above along with the cost of the trays, the doctor charges, lab fees, and retainers are included in the invisible braces cost in Singapore.

While most international invisible braces brands are now available in Singapore, there are many Singaporean aligner companies that are now increasingly becoming popular. Indian companies like 32 Watts aligners are now setting sight on the orthodontic market of this island country in the near future.

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 Q: The Average Cost of Orthodontic Braces in Singapore

Metal Braces –  4000 – 7000 S$

Ceramic Braces – 5000 – 8000 S$

Self-ligating Braces – 4000 – 8000 S$

Lingual Braces – 7000 – 15000 S$

In house Aligners by Clinic – 150 – 250 S$ per Aligner

Clear Aligners – 4500 – 1000 S$


Q: How much do Invisible braces cost in Singapore?

The cost of invisible braces cost in Singapore can range from SGD 4000 to SGD 9000. The cost of treatment depends upon the brand of invisible braces chosen, the complexity of the case and whether pre-treatment and post-treatment support is included in the cost.


Q: Do dentists recommend Invisible braces?

Invisible braces are highly recommended by dentists and orthodontists. The reason for this is invisible braces use modern technology, are comfortable to the patient and have shorter treatment times.


Q: Are Invisible braces getting cheaper?

Yes, invisible braces today are affordable treatment options to straighten teeth. Due to many companies manufacturing invisible braces and due to the rising popularity, the cost of invisible braces has reduced.


Q: How much does average Invisible braces cost?

The cost of invisible braces depends upon the country, the brand of invisible braces and the complexity of the patient’s case.