If you are looking for ceramic braces cost in India, then this article is for you! There was a time when the word ‘braces’ instantly triggered the image of a teenager wearing a mouthful of metallic brackets. Metallic braces were one of the earliest types of braces that were and continue to be used to straighten teeth. However, a large segment of the population was averse to wearing a metallic smile, and hence, avoiding orthodontic treatment.

So, to appeal to a larger group of patients, ceramic braces came into being. They immediately became popular as they were tooth coloured. Let’s delve a bit deeper into the world of ceramic braces, their many pros and cons and the cost of ceramic braces in India.

What Are Ceramic Braces?

Ceramic braces, also called clear braces, are similar to traditional metal braces but are made up
of tooth-coloured ceramic material. They are a very popular and affordable alternative to metal
braces in orthodontics. The ceramic braces apparatus consists of ceramic brackets that are
fixed on the teeth, metal or tooth-coloured wires that fit into the slots in these brackets and
elastic bands that help pull your teeth into alignment.

Ceramic braces are called clear braces because they merge with your tooth colour and natural
smile and are not visible from far distances. The application, placement of the brackets on your
teeth, treatment duration and removal of ceramic braces is very similar to metallic braces.
Their main advantage over metallic braces is that they are way more discreet and give patients
more confidence to undergo teeth straightening treatment.

Ceramic or clear braces have a proven track record of efficiently treating teeth alignment
problems like crowding, spacing, deep bites, overbites, protruding teeth, mismatch in the

midlines of the upper and lower jaws, etc. They have been used in thousands of cases across
the globe to provide people with well-aligned teeth and proper, functional bites.

Who is a Candidate for Ceramic Braces?

Ceramic braces sound too good to be true, don’t they? Well, believe us! They totally are worth
it! But can everyone be a good candidate for these clear braces? Not really! Most people dread
wearing metallic braces as children, and this only increases in adults who wish to get their teeth

Ceramic Braces Cost in India
Ceramic braces are recommended for adults and teenagers who wish to have more discreet
teeth straightening treatment. So, if you are one of these people, ask your orthodontist about
ceramic braces today! Ceramic braces are well-suited for all patients who are 15 years and
upwards with healthy teeth and gums.

However, if you may not be an ideal candidate for ceramic or clear braces if you play sports
regularly. This is because despite ceramic braces being strong and durable, they are still prone
to cracking and breaking while playing sports. Also, if you are a huge fan of tea or coffee or
enjoy drinking wine regularly ceramic braces may not be good for you as they are prone to
staining. Though drinking these beverages is not a contraindication for ceramic braces, you
must spend some extra time keeping your braces clean and stain-free if you opt for ceramic

Pros and Cons of Ceramic Braces

Ceramic braces for teeth have their own benefits but also a few disadvantages when compared
to newer teeth straightening options like clear aligners. Let’s look at them in greater detail.

Pros of Ceramic Braces

● Aesthetic

Since ceramic braces and ceramic braces with white wire are similar to the tooth colour, they
are barely visible from afar. Only at close distances can one notice these braces. Their aesthetic
properties make them a popular treatment option for teeth straightening.

● More comfortable

Ceramic braces have a smoother surface, making them more comfortable for the patients. They
are also less irritating on their lips and cheeks since ceramic is not as hard as metal. Treatment
with ceramic braces is slightly less painful as compared to metallic braces.

● Reduced treatment time
Ceramic braces, when maintained well, take around 24 months to complete treatment. This is
around the same time as taken by metallic braces, which sometimes can take around 28-36
months to complete teeth alignment.

● Available in different colours
While metallic braces are grey and boring, ceramic braces can be spiced up to add different
colours. This is possible by changing the elastics during your orthodontist visits. If you are not
fond of colour or like the clear look of these braces, you can opt for transparent elastics.

Cons of Ceramic Braces

Despite the many pros of ceramic braces for teeth, they do have a few disadvantages too!
These include:

● Less durable
The biggest disadvantage of ceramic braces is that they are fragile and break easily. Compared
to metal braces, they are twice more likely to break.

● Can cause gum sensitivity

Compared to metallic brackets, ceramic braces are a tad bit difficult to clean with your
toothbrush. Due to this, they tend to gather more food debris and plaque around them, causing
gum sensitivity and subsequent recession.

● Easily debond from teeth

A common event with ceramic braces is that they debond (dislodge from the teeth) very easily,
as compared to metallic braces. This is because they adhere to the enamel of teeth poorly.

● Slightly more expensive than metal braces

Metallic braces are, by far, the cheapest and the most affordable way to straighten teeth. This
is one of the many reasons they are still popular among people, despite their poor aesthetics.

● Not as aesthetic as clear aligners

Ceramic or clear braces are preferred over metal braces for their tooth-coloured appearance.
However, they are not anywhere close to the aesthetics provided by clear aligners (or invisible

● Get stained easily

Ceramic braces get stained very easily on consuming foods like wine, strawberries, blueberries,
tea, coffee or smoking. For this reason, they need extra care and hygiene maintenance to keep
them stain-free and as close to the natural tooth colour as possible.

Ceramic Braces Cost in India

Ceramic braces cost in Mumbai, and other cities including Delhi, Chennai, Bangalore,
Hyderabad depends upon a few factors, namely:

● Treatment plan (if you require tooth extractions, fillings, crowns and bridges, etc.,)
● The complexity of the case
● Location of the orthodontist clinic in the city

The biggest cost advantage that ceramic braces have is that they are cheaper than clear
invisible braces.

Ceramic Braces India
The average cost of ceramic braces in India lies in the INR 60,000 to INR 90,000. Self-ligating
ceramic braces cost in India is slightly higher than regular ceramic braces due to the advanced
technology used in them. Most orthodontists offer easy instalment and payment options
spread over your treatment duration making it easily affordable.

How Long is the Treatment with Ceramic Braces?

The treatment with ceramic braces can take anything from 18-24 months to complete, very
similar to the treatment duration with metallic braces. The primary cause of delayed treatment
completion with ceramic braces is the poor durability of these braces. Many patients report to
the clinic with broken or fragmented brackets and dislodged wires, which delays their

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The Takeaway!

Ceramic braces for teeth are popular teeth straightening option. However, if you are concerned
about the staining tendency of these braces, their poor durability and delayed treatment
completion, clear invisible braces are the best options for you! Clear aligners are
transparent trays that are worn on upper and lower teeth to move them into proper alignment.
Are you dreaming of a perfect smile but wish to do it in the most discreet way possible?

Contact us today for your clear aligner consultation with an orthodontist close to you!

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