Align and Not be Seen

Is the thought of having a metallic smile giving you nightmares? Worried about how you would look with a mouth full of metal braces and wires? Well, the good news is- you need not fret! Advances in dentistry have addressed this problem you are facing and transparent aligners have arrived!

But, what are aligners? Aligners are a series of custom made trays that fit tightly around your teeth  to help straighten them. Lots of people think that aligners are too good to be true. But, the fact is that they are the best form of treatment available for straightening of teeth today.

They are used to treat conditions such as crowding, spacing, overbite, cross bite, relapse cases etc ., which are also treated using conventional braces.

But, aligners have many benefits over the conventional metal and ceramic braces which make them a popular choice today.

The main advantage that aligners have over conventional braces is that they go undetected when they are worn because they are transparent as opposed to a metallic or ceramic apparatus which is very conspicuous.

Aligners are made up of a smooth plastic material that  is much more comfortable as compared to the rough feel of the braces.

With conventional braces, there are many food restrictions as eating hard or sticky food can cause the brackets on the teeth or the wires to come off leading to increased treatment time. In contrast, since aligners are removed before eating, there are no food restrictions while undergoing treatment.

From the point of oral hygiene, aligners are the best as they are removable which means that you can continue your brushing and flossing normally. However, in the conventional braces, cleaning and maintaining oral hygiene is a challenge due to the many wires, elastic bands and the brackets that are placed on teeth which tend to gather more dirt.

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When aligners were launched, they were very expensive as compared to the conventional braces. But, with time, the cost of aligners is now comparable to the braces.

The aligners are also easy to remove and clean.

Alignwise Smile

It is however important to note that not everyone is a case for aligners. A visit to your dentist and a thorough examination reveals who an ideal candidate is.

So, if you are a candidate, go for clear- go for aligners!

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